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Clean TMG™ Version 9 Install


TMG™ Installers

• Wholly Genes Software Site

• ROOTS Users Group (RUG) of Arlington, VA Site

• Installation Comments

• TMG Version 9 License

How to do a Clean TMG9 Install

• Step by Step Instructions

• Unlocking the newly installed TMG program

TMG Help



Most of the information below about the final TMG™ Version 9.05 installers and the instructions for a clean install were first posted by the expert user Jim Byram on the Wholly Genes Software Forum on December 2, 2014, and last modified on March 4, 2017.

The unlock instructions below were posted by Terry Reigel on his web site Terry’s TMG Tips about unlocking a new version.


TMG™ Installers

The download links for the installers for the final Version 9.05 of the TMG™ program may be found at both of the two sites below.

Wholly Genes Software Site

These final installers are still available since this company site has not (yet) been removed.


Final TMG v9.05 US Edition


Final TMG v9.05 UK Edition

ROOTS Users Group (RUG) of Arlington, VA Site

This user group has made available both the final versions and earlier versions:


Final TMG v9.05 US Edition


Final TMG v9.05 UK Edition


Earlier TMG Versions

Installation Comments

These are complete stand-alone full installers. You install TMG™ using the US or UK installer file downloaded from either site above. All of these installers require a license registration key matching that installer’s major version number (e.g. 9) to unlock the program from its default limited trial mode to a full version.

The v9.05 installers can also be run on a system with an existing Version 9.05 installation, and will offer a [Repair] action for that existing V9.05 installation should you have problems later.

TMG™ Version 9 License

You may still be able to buy a Version 9 license by contacting Harry Goegebeur in Belgium by email.

Keep in mind that the Wholly Genes Software company and its TMG operation closed at the end of 2014, and support is no longer available from Wholly Genes Software. However, if you lose your registration information, you can write to You should ultimately receive a response but please be patient as that email address is not regularly monitored and it may take a while.

How to do a Clean TMG9 Install

[Note that the folders mentioned below for a previously installed TMG9 version assume the installation of that version was done using the default locations. If you have done a custom install, delete the equivalent folders in their custom locations.]

Step by Step Instructions

• Uninstall any previously installed TMG9 version. Your data will be safe.

• Delete any remnant program folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\The Master Genealogist v9

• Delete the two TMG9 folders in ProgramData.

C:\ProgramData\The Master Genealogist v9

C:\ProgramData\The Master Genealogist v9 Installer

• Download the appropriate installer using one of the links above.

• Be sure to save the installer on your system. Don't run it during the download process.

• Run the installer and install.

Some people find that running the installer 'as Administrator' avoids problems.

[If a prior Version 9 was installed in a custom location, use that same custom location for this install so it will automatically link to the existing data.]

• If there are any issues, run the installer once more and select [Repair] although this shouldn't be necessary.

Unlocking the newly installed TMG program

• Do not immediately run the newly installed program. If you do run it and it asks for the unlock code, do not enter it but instead close TMG.

• Right-click on the desktop shortcut for TMG, and choose "Run as Administrator" and enter your administrator password if one is in use for your system.

If your TMG shortcut is pinned to the Taskbar rather than being on the Desktop, you need to right-click on the shortcut, then right-click again on the name of the program in order to see the menu with "Run as Administrator".

• When TMG opens and you are prompted for the unlock code, enter it and the name and e-mail address you used when you purchased the registration key for this version of TMG.

• Close TMG, and then re-open normally. If you are asked again for the unlock code, enter it again. You should not be asked for the unlock code again after that.

TMG Help

I have written and published at this site an on-line book as a set of web pages to describe and record many of the custom features of TMG™ as well as “My Way” of customizing it. Its Overview Chapter contains an Acknowledgements section of the many sources of Help I have used to construct the book which you also may find useful. One special source which is currently quite active and which can be of great help is the TMG-L e-mail List, originally at Rootsweb, now at This e-mail List has always been organized by and run by users of TMG. Both novice and seasoned TMG users who subscribe to this List are often the best source of explanations and suggestions for problems and clever ways to customize and use the software.


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If others find these documents useful, so much the better. I do not warrant in any way that they are accurate or useful, and any use of them is at the user’s own risk.

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