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Michael J. Hannah
, Los Ranchos, NM.


This domain contains my web pages about genealogy topics, hosted at the Family History Hosting genealogy service.


1. Information about The Master Genealogist™ (TMG) software

Notice: On July 29, 2014, Bob Velke, owner of Wholly Genes and developer of TMG announced on the RootsWeb TMG-L mailing list:

“I am sad to report that the decision has been made to discontinue The Master Genealogist ("TMG").”

I have been a long-time user of TMG and over twenty years have collected information about this software which I have found of use. Now that the features of this software are frozen, I am posting this information in hopes that others, like myself, who intend to continue to use it for many years may find these notes useful. The following web documents I have written about TMG are posted on this site:

My Way to Customize TMG

An on-line book My Way which describes how I customize TMG based on its final version.

I provide a brief Introduction web page (Content modified December, 2020) which describes the content and scope of the book. Each chapter is a separate web page and collectively they contain the equivalent of over 550 pages of my notes about how TMG functions and how I choose to customize and use it.

The book itself begins with a separate Overview chapter (Content modified December, 2020) which also includes a complete Table of Contents to the entire book and a link to an Index of the entire book. Both the book’s Table of Contents and its Index are accessible by two links at the top of every web page.

TMG Version 9 Install

This web page contains information about downloading the TMG installers, especially the final Version 9.05. It also includes instructions about performing a “clean” install of a final Version 9.05 by removing program files and folders of any earlier versions, without affecting any existing data.

TMG Bugs

A list of “Bugs(Content modified: February, 2021) which I have encountered in the final version of the now-frozen TMG software.

This web page contains a list of issues which I have encountered, consider to be errors or at least extremely unexpected behavior, and believe to be still present in the final Version 9.05 of TMG™. Since any TMG program behavior now will remain unmodified I have tried to identify reasonable "workarounds" for each issue.

There is a short Introduction at the beginning of the page which describes the nature of this list of bugs. A detailed Table of Contents follows and lists a short title for each bug I have identified. That title is a link to the description and workaround of each bug.

GEDCOM export from TMG

A web page separately describing GEDCOM Export used to be posted, but I no longer create this separate extract document for several reasons:

• The information is still available and kept more current within the Import/Export chapter (Content modified December, 2020) of the “My Way” book. See especially the section focused on GEDCOM Export.

• Several genealogy software programs now do a (nearly) complete import of the TMG data by directly accessing the TMG database files. This is generally much preferred and retains more data over first exporting TMG to GEDCOM then importing that file to the program.

• In anticipation of the end of TMG development, Version 9.04 added an Enhanced GEDCOM Export option which is described in the internal HELP pages of that and the final TMG version.

• Finally, while the above TMG enhanced export option in my opinion is a significant improvement over its earlier and still default standard export, as of 2019 there is another option. If export to GEDCOM is required, I strongly recommend the commercial program TMG to GEDCOM© by John Cardinal first announced in 2019 (five years after TMG ceased development). That program, with subsequent improvements and updates since then, is described among other TMG companion products in the Style chapter. I believe it is the best and most complete way available to export a TMG Version 9.04 or 9.05 project. However, if one only has an earlier version of TMG, then I suggest reviewing my Import/Export chapter mentioned above for issues concerning TMG’s export to GEDCOM and the inevitable loss of data that export will cause.


2. Genealogy concerning my four parental ancestral lines

I “intend” to include on this site four genealogy sites describing my four ancestral lines which focus on the Sark, Richards, Harrigan, and Hannah surnames. These are not yet posted but are works-in-progress. I continue to record my genealogical data using The Master Genealogist™ software and the resulting web pages of that genealogical data for these lines are being generated using John Cardinal’s Second Site© program. When posted I intend that they will not include living persons, sensitive information or copyrighted images.


3. My experiences with Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM)

Pages on this topic used to exist on this domain server. Since they do not deal with genealogy issues they have been moved to my separate personal domain.


  See my separate personal domain


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